Scholarship Opportunities

Heaven’s Gait Ranch grants full sponsorships to U.S. Military Veterans.

Through the gratitude and generosity of our donors,
we offer PATH International’s
Equine Services for Heroes at no cost to U.S. Military Veterans.
It is our honor to serve those who have served.

Heaven’s Gait Ranch awards partial scholarships to
individuals with special needs or disabilities

who qualify for financial need. 

Andy & Jack

Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria

To be eligible to apply for
The Andy Mueller Memorial Scholarship,

candidates must meet
the following requirements:

  1. The candidate must have a disability or special need (this could be social, emotional, physical, or psychological).
  2. The candidate must be registered and medically cleared to participate at Heaven’s Gait Ranch.
  3. The candidate must demonstrate financial need.
  4. The candidate does not receive CCS, COP, or CLTS funding that could be applied to equine assisted services.
  5. The candidate must be willing and able to participate in group lessons.

It is the mission of Heaven’s Gait Ranch to build
a compassionate community that
embraces individuals
who recognize the need to heal
and challenge their adversity to grow.

Heaven’s Gait Ranch was founded under the guidance of our Christian values, built with the support of our generous donors, and has been blessed with the time and talent of our volunteers.

As a Member Center of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship
(PATH) International, Heaven’s Gait Ranch is also a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This means that while we provide quality services under the highest standards of our industry, we also strive to make these services accessible to those in need.

The Andy Mueller Memorial Scholarship is named after Andrew Mueller, who rode at Heaven’s Gait Ranch until he sadly passed away in January 2018. As a former horse owner himself, Andy loved telling stories of his favorite miniature named Picasso.
Although he battled Parkinson’s Disease, Andy would light up when he came to the ranch, and his positive attitude, humor, and love of horses became contagious to those around him.


The Andy Mueller Memorial Scholarship is offered to individuals with special needs or disabilities who are interested in our equine assisted services at Heaven’s Gait Ranch but have demonstrated financial need that hinders their ability to participate. Candidates may apply for a partial scholarship that enables participation in a group setting over the course of a season.

Scholarships are awarded by the Board of Directors at Heaven’s Gait Ranch based on the number of eligible and deserving applicants per season, as well as the amount of funds available for financial aid each season at Heaven’s Gait Ranch.*

Our program fees are generously subsidized by the kindness of our donors; therefore, our fees only cover a fraction of the actual cost to provide services. The fee for a 45 minute group lesson at Heaven’s Gait Ranch is $120.00 per participant, with a maximum capacity of three participants in the arena at a given time. While our fees are heavily subsidized, we offer the Andy Mueller Memorial Scholarship to further ensure our programs remain accessible to those needing financial assistance.

*Families may privately pay up to $45 out of pocket per lesson while donor funding covers the rest.

Inquire today about eligibility.
Contact Margaret Robertson
at 920-917-7102 or

The applicant will be notified directly by the Program Coordinator of Heaven’s Gait Ranch
if and when he or she will be awarded funds. Please allow two weeks for review and processing.