Support Our Therapy Horses

With their quiet eyes and forgiving demeanor, our therapy horses patiently teach us how to become the best version of ourselves.

While our program horses work hard to motivate our riders and stir up their potential, our equines also connect with our volunteers, and together, they create a team like no other.

In order to care for this team and support them from the ground up, we are grateful for our sponsors who help us offset the growing cost of care.

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How You Can Help:
Support Our Equine Angel Fund

While seven out of ten program horses are currently sponsored for $1,500 annually, this means that their annual fall and spring veterinary visits are covered through the generosity of their sponsors, along with their regular hoof trims. This amount does not include the cost of hay, supplements, training, conditioning, corrective farrier shoeing, and any emergency vet calls for extenuating circumstances. This means that any additional support to cover our equine needs would be very much appreciated.
For this reason, if you are interested in supporting our therapy horses, we would ask that you please consider donating directly to Heaven’s Gait Ranch
so that we can continue to provide the best care for our best friends when they need it most.
Gifts of any size are welcomed and much appreciated, as they would not only help support their needs but also enable them to continue serving the needs of others.
Donors have the option for their name to be recognized in our barn
or to remain anonymous as “Our Equine Angels.”

Ellie Mae
2020 by The Jors Family
2021 by M.H.

Ellie profile 2017

Sponsored through 2021
by The Mikolajczak Family


Sponsored through 2021
by The Schultz Family 

Dolly Profile 2020

  Donkey Kong
Sponsored through 2021
by Deb

Kong Profile 2020

Sponsored through 2021
by Anonymous

Sponsored through 2021
by Susan Wilson & Jim Zirngibl

Sponsored through 2021
by Helene Meyer

Sponsored through 2021
by Helene Meyer
Windy 2019 Equine of the Year


2020 by Anonymous
2021 by Mark & Karen Reed

Lucero profile 2020


through 2021

by Anonymous


Sponsored through 2021
by The Jors Family


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