IMG_9758As trusted and lovable companions, horses are blessed with the ability to not only challenge us physically but also move us emotionally. With their kind eyes and gentle temperament, horses speak to us in ways that can either empower or humble our confidence. As a result, our program horses are so special because they patiently teach us to become the best version of ourselves.

 Therapy Horses

Horses who serve individuals through therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities are commonly known for being both inspiring and forgiving. Because they are typically older, our program horses are experienced instructors who still have so much more to give, even in retirement. Once upon a time, these horses had other careers of their own, and because of their diverse backgrounds and disciplines, Heaven’s Gait Ranch requires a 90 day trial period to determine whether or not our programs are a good fit for their future.

How You Can Help

Please donate and sponsor
any one of the following

Our “hayburners” eat 4.5 round bales a week! 
1 Round Bale = $70
4.5 Round bales = $315 per week

Ember Mac & Windy Winter Feast 2019
Did you know that horses’ feet never stop growing?
Like fingernails that need to be clipped,
our 10 program horses and 1 donkey
need their feet trimmed and filed every 6-8 weeks.
This does not include shoes or corrective farrier work.
1 trim = $58
11 trims = $638

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Have you ever wondered how much weight a horse can carry?
They say up to 20% of their own body weight, including tack.
The average English saddle weighs 17 lbs.
Western saddles can weigh up to 60 lbs!
You add the weight of the saddle
and a 200 pound adult, who may be unbalanced,
and that’s a lot of weight on a horse’s back —
as well as their shoulders, hips, and feet!
1 chiropractic adjustment = $50 per horse
10 program horses = $500 per season


Our Certified Trainer & TTouch Practitioner is as talented and experienced as they come.
Her work speaks for itself: you wouldn’t want anyone but the best training a horse to stand still for your loved one with special needs or disabilities, mounting and dismounting from a ramp to a wheelchair.
1 hour of top notch training = $60
1 hour of TTouch conditioning = $60


Emergency farm calls to Fredonia Veterinary Clinic
are sometimes scary but always necessary.
Please help us build a reserve
for our best friends when they need it most.
A gift to our “Equine Angel Fund” is most appreciated.
1 farm call & 1 physical exam = starts at $130
Farm call for euthanasia = $400
Removal & cremation = starts at $1,200

Ember by M.C. March 2019


Donations can be made to Heaven’s Gait Ranch, Inc., 940 S. Main St., Cedar Grove, WI 53013.

You can also text to give at any time, using the following number and keyword.
When you text “horses” to the number below,
you’ll receive a link to access a secure platform, GiveCentral.
Here, you can make a one-time or recurring donation.

Text to Give: (920) 315-7551
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Thank you in advance for your kindness and support. Every little bit helps!