Mac soft eyes

 As trusted and lovable companions, horses are blessed with the ability to not only challenge us physically but also move us emotionally. With their kind eyes and gentle temperament, horses speak to us in ways that can either empower or humble our confidence. As a result, our program horses are so special because they patiently teach us to become the best version of ourselves.

 Therapy Horses

Horses who serve individuals through therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities are commonly known for being both inspiring and forgiving. Because they are typically older, our program horses are experienced instructors who still have so much more to give, even in retirement. Once upon a time, these horses may have been award-winning racehorses or even carriage-driving beauties; therefore, because of their diverse backgrounds and disciplines, Heaven’s Gait Ranch requires our horses to go through a 90 day trial period to determine whether or not therapeutic riding is a good fit for them and their future.

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