Meet Our Trainer

Lynn trotting Mac along railLynn Pfundtner

Certified Equine Ttouch Practitioner
Certified Centered Riding Instructor
Clicker Trainer and Teacher
Daisy Hill Farm, LLC
Belgium, WI

The story begins with Lynn’s mother who tells of when Lynn was about 3 years old, she and Lynn’s father were at a Saddlebred Horse farm looking to buy a horse for dad.  As they were talking to the owner of the farm, mom realized Lynn was nowhere to be seen!  In alarm, they looked for her and soon saw her standing in a pasture among the herd, a fistful of daisies in her small hand, reaching up to a circle of horses surrounding her.  Mother feared for Lynn’s safety, but the farm owner reassured her that Lynn would be alright.  That was Lynn’s first introduction to horses…..

Her love for horses never faded.  Although she usually had a horse in her life, she did not show or compete.  She simply loved horses, being with them, grooming, pleasure riding and training.

In 1999, the Tellington Equine Awareness Method caught Lynn’s eye and then her heart.  Shortly after, Clicker Training and teaching made sense.  The methods complement each other by encouraging the horse to learn how to learn.  

Lynn with Ember She's got the Touch


After organizing several open clinics in Elkhart Lake, WI, Lynn became Certified as a Centered Riding Instructor in 2012, taking the required Instructor’s Course with the renowned Susan B. Harris, protégé of the late Sally Swift, creator of Centered Riding.  In 2014, Lynn achieved Certification as Equine Ttouch Practitioner after years of practice, attending many Trainings, submitting ten case studies and completing the written exam.  She taught herself Clicker Training by reading Alexandra Kurland’s book Clicker Training for your Horse.

Lynn spent many hours working as a therapeutic riding volunteer.  Her job included side walking, leading, and re-training the horses when needed.

She has not only helped re-train horses claimed “untrainable” by other professional trainers, but she has also helped riders overcome fear of riding after severe trauma while on horseback.   She specializes in helping both horse and rider become confident and reach goals within a safe learning environment.

Lynn teaches and trains from her home at Daisy Hill Farm and travels to her clients. 

For more information about the Tellington Method, Centered Riding, or Clicker Training, you can visit Lynn’s website at